A fun Hero Mask Book that teaches you what you're made of

A perfect complement to the Elements Kapa superhero themed deck of cards. Use this hero mask book as a fun and intuitive way for children to learn about the world around them.


You are the hero is a 40 page book that teaches about the 15 main elements that make the human body. It aims at making the reader realise how incredible they are.

It contains:

As far as I am aware; it is the first book printed that requires the reader to be in front of a mirror to appreciate the full experience.


This book will make the reader see themselves in a whole new way!

They will be led on a journey of discovery, learning about the main 15 elements that make up the human body.

By using a mirror, readers will see themselves as real-life superheros!

Leonardo da Vinci - did you know?
Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci sometimes wrote in a mysterious backward mirror style. Nobody knows for sure why he did this but there are a few theories.

He was left handed and perhaps this prevented his writings from being smudged. Or he was trying to hide his ideas and thoughts from the casual observer or the powerful Roman Catholic Church, whose teachings disagreed with what Leonardo observed.

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