Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival

I just wanted to say thank you to Herstmonceux for an incredible weekend at their astronomy Festival. It was a year ago when we first launched the cards at Herstmonceux and we repeated it again this year. We also performed our first show about superheroes and the elements to a very enthusiastic crowd. I thought they were going to put us in one of the tents but instead we did the talk in a disused copper domed Observatory.

It had the wonderful coincidence because it was in one of these that MegaMind and Metro Man fought each other  in the superhero cartoon film that pits knowledge against superpowers! So it was the perfect setting for our talk. We also had some fun with the Stormtroopers who eventually took my Thor hammer and confiscated it. But I eventually got it back and as I finally left on the Sunday afternoon carrying said hammer it started to thunder and lightning, perfect!!! I have been invited back again next year and hope to expand the show and add more demonstrations. So thanks again Herstmonceux and I recommend their festival weekend as an incredible way to view the stars in this iconic and legendary venue.

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