In the beginning…

The story began over 15 years ago, when Richard had an idea for a game. The dream was to educate children and young adults about the periodic table of elements.

While working in Australia, Richard crated the initial drawings, and the concept was born. Then life took over and the idea was put on the back burner. However, it was never forgotten, and was often thought about over the years. When Richard and Ruth started homeschooling their two boys, they decided to bring the game back to life. That’s when the hard work began.

The more they worked on the project, the more it took on a life of its own. Finally, after an almost superhuman effort (a bit like the characters on the cards), the game was born. The response and feedback received so far, has been staggering. Even now, it’s encouraging potential new Einsteins from seeing the periodic table, not as a mass of tiny numbers and letters, but as a smorgasbord of superheroes. Magic and chemistry wrapped up in a cosmic field of curiosity and understanding.

Along the way, Richard welcomed close friend “Coley” (Nicole) on board. In his own words, “She is the most creative, imaginative, and (luckily for me) organised person I have ever known!” The two friends are pictured here, in a serious discussion about Life, the Universe and Everything!

Meet the team


Richard was born in Ipswich 1967 and schooled in Chester. Science, Art and ‘Life the Universe and Everything’ were his greatest interests but eventually landed a job in Litho printing. It was then that the desire for travel called. So began an epic 13 year adventure of travel around the world. He finally landed back in Eastbourne, where he began work building exhibition stands but always wondering if he had missed a vocation in science. Richard had met his partner Ruth in Australia and had two boys, Logan and Harry, that they decided to home school. It was then that there desire to teach children about the Periodic Table grew so strong, that they were motivated to bring the game to market. He’s happy to say that, the printed product has finally arrived.


Nicole, a caulkhead left home at 17 to coach hockey in New Zealand and well and truly found her travelling legs. However, she came back to the UK to start and compete a BA Hons degree in Tourism and Business Management. Nicole lived in Cheltenham Spa, The jewel of the Cotswolds, working for an independent travel agent, moving onwards and upwards, to a sports tour operator. After a few years and many events overseas and within the UK, Nicole decided to stretch her legs around the world again, just for fun. It was on this trip, when in China, Nicole saw what could be done with bamboo. Fully inspired, she ran back to the UK to see if she could be the first person to bring the concept of bamboo fabric to the UK. She found out that she’d be pipped to the post. David Gordon had started Bamboo Clothing. Nicole however, did not give up and wrote to David. Thirteen years later, she remains a director of the company.


Neil was a late arrival to the project. It was in May 2019 that he was approached, by phone, while on the top deck of the number 2 bus to Brighton, heading for a client meeting. He was immediately fascinated and enthused by what was discussed. This must have come across over the phone, as within days, the team met up and started thrashing ideas about. Neil has a background in mechanical engineering, but is captivated by physics and chemistry. He runs two businesses, a web design/development company, and a commercial beekeeping operation. He also rings church bells, and has dabbled in a bit of gliding.