About the Game

The aim of the game

To have children from 6 years and up unwittingly learning about the elements, so when they are shown the periodic table (which can be quite daunting and confusing) they find themselves on very familiar ground, boosting their confidence levels and giving them a head start.

The game at a glance

73 cards in the deck

With more to follow as we expand the set!

Super heroes

Each card features a super hero created to reflect the properties of the element.

Knowledge is power

All the information on the cards is based on fact.

2 ways to play

A Rock-Paper-Scissors style game for the very young and a game where you compare the power value on your card to your opponent’s card.

What’s in a name?

The word ‘Kapa’ comes from a Nordic word that is the root word for ‘Cope’ – that is Richard’s surname and ‘Cope’ means “A maker of cloaks or capes” and, since the number one piece of clothing for a super hero is a cape, then… you get the picture. Inspiration occurred and the game was created.

Whilst Richard was developing the card game the last element to be named was element 112 Copernicium – nice coincidence!

A video introduction

A general overview

A video description

Ready to learn?

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