150 Years of the Periodic Table

There has been a lot of beautiful and strange coincidences that have manifested themselves while I have been developing the game. Least of all is that by pure beautiful coincidence it just happens to be the official year of the periodic table of the elements, because it was 150 years ago that Dmitri Mendeleev finally handed over his periodic table of the elements. Born in Russia 1834 Mendeleev’s biography deserves some mention. He’s is a story of survival, struggle and genius . A mention must be made of his mother who recognised his abilities and when he was 15 took him on a 1000 mile journey to try and get him into a university. He was denied a place at Moscow but eventually made it to St Petersburg where they accepted him . Tragically shortly afterwards his mother died.

There were many people who were involved in the foundations of the periodic table of the elements but it was Mendeleev who added the finishing touches. He claimed to have envisaged the complete table in a dream. His real daring was to leave out spaces in the table that didn’t fit his hypothesis and have the courage to say that those spaces would be filled with elements that would be discovered in the future…and he was right. Not only that… he was to be able to estimate their atomic weights and their properties!

For me it was pure luck that we have launched our game on the same year as in the periodic table’s 150th birthday as being celebrated around the world as one of the most important Concepts and discoveries in science.

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